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About the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a breed whose origins go back to Roman times and whose occupation has changed several times over the centuries. The Roman armies used the dog in battle and to drive cattle across country. In the middle ages he was used for bear hunting and from there a cattle dog, driving the cattle by day, guarding them at night and at the end of the drive guarding his masters money, usually in a purse around the neck. From there he became a butchers dog, pulling a cart and was particularly associated with the region of Rottweil in southern Germany, hence his name Rottweiler (pronounced Rott-Viler)

Since then he has been used the The Army, The Police, Customs and as a Guide Dog in various counties.

His intelligence is high, his guarding instincts are very impressive and his allegiance to his human family is very commendable.

As a breed they have a great power and strength, which is sometimes overlooked when choosing this breed. It must be considered carefully whether you are the right person to own one. He is not a god for Mr and Mrs Everyman. He should be treated with firm but fair discipline and much love and affection. He will then attain the true virtues of companionship, loyalty and faithfulness which are just a few of very many qualities.